Nicole Schneider

Preis / Stunde ab: 220.00
Kontakt +49 174-331 2656


High heels are a hallmark of 22-year-old Nicole from Munich. With these shoes, the legs of Nicole take on an even sexier form than they normally do already. The brown eyes and beautiful hairstyle keep up the innocent girl look, but on the inside of Nicole, there lurks a real lioness. However, Nicole only lets out this lioness if you charm and ensnare her. You can best do this with a Prada perfume or an invite to Mediterranean food foreplay. The reward will then be Nicole’s love arts, with which she is not too stingy for sure. The lively and warm-hearted student has to offer quite a few grabbing and enticing practices. What do you fancy? Would you like to try out toys of the adult kind? Or would you rather get straight to the point Greek style? Speak your wishes and let yourself be seduced. You surely will not forget this encounter anytime soon. If you tell your business partners about Nicole, then you will still be able to feel the twitching in the lumbar region.

Welche Stadt?

Munchen , 85540
Geographische Koordinaten: (48.1371079, 11.5753822)
Die Ortsangabe zeigt lediglich die ungefähre Adresse an.