Alexandra Lafeme

Preis / Stunde ab: 250
Kontakt +49-174-331 2656


Alexandra Lafeme embodies the image of a true sex goddess whom you will gladly want to surrender to with every fiber of your being and body. The beautiful blonde with the lushes bust happily takes on the role of dominatrix and tantalizes you until you cry out loud for sheer pleasure. The delicate body of this 24-year-old bombshell does not conceal the fact that she brings loaded power for some erotic games of a different kind. For although Alexandra, with her blue eyes, may look quite innocent at first glance, she shows off a sinfully beautiful figure that is to die for when she puts on tight latex and leather. Especially in the field of French eroticism, this sexy angel is a true master. Alexandra likes it hard and wild, but can also offer a more gentle touch if this is desired by her lover. Compared to her everyday life as reputable insurance clerk, Alexandra likes to let go completely with her whole body between the hot sheets. Fondle the ample bosom of this sex kitten and better make sure that you follow all of her commands. Otherwise, Alexandra might spank you with great fondness all the way to the bitter end of pleasure. The volubility this blond eye-catcher will have you shivering for a long time when you think of your hot love nights together.