Madlen Schreine

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Denn in ihrer Freizeit mag es das schlanke Topmodel gerne heiß und sündig. Die hohe Kunst der französischen Erotik ist für Madlen dabei kein Fremdwort, wenn sie sich allen Ihren Sehnsüchten mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl annimmt.For 20-year-old Madlen Schreiner her body is a temple of love and lust that is just waiting to be conquered by you. For in her spare time the slim supermodel loves to get involved in hot and sinful adventures. The high art of French eroticism is what Madlen knows best when she takes on all of your deepest longings with great sensitivity. Madlen is happy to spontaneously respond to unusually intimate requests, which only have the total satisfaction of both sides to a loud climax as their goal. Madlen likes to wrap her sexy curves in skintight clothes and tiny lingerie that lustfully caresses her body. The seductive trainee is very proud of her figure and her long, brown hair completes the picture of the sensual elf. Madlen cannot wait to make your fondest dreams between the hot sheets a reality and to pamper you until you simply cannot get up out of sheer physical exhaustion. For Madlen understands it to be her calling to take you to the point of utter ecstasy and leaves no stone unturned. Treat yourself and your beautiful lover to a glass of champagne in between to take a breather or captivate her with roses. Then you can enter round two of the sensual boxing match with a lot of skintight body contact, which will have you shaking from sheer pleasure.

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