Marlen Wagner

Preis / Stunde ab: 300.00
Kontakt +49 174-331 2656


With one look at her gray eyes, you will be able to tell that Marlen Wagner is a real sex kitten that likes to wrap men around her little finger and hides behind the otherwise timid appearance. Marlen trains not only her sinfully beautiful legs when working out as an equestrian, but also makes great use of her perfect body control during more pleasurable and erotic moments for two. She is particularly fond of receiving pleasure from behind and prefers to be eaten up by her lover in this way. However, 27-year-old Marlen is a very sensitive vamp who can sing quite tender tones as well. Lovingly, she adjusts to your needs and pampers your entire body. With a lot of finesse and a good dose of sex appeal, Marlen dedicates herself to your body until she has elicited every last drop of pleasure from you. Her passion is expressed especially trough hot French kisses that will really get under your skin. The petite blonde skillfully displays her sinful and beautiful legs with fine lingerie and invites you to join her in some sensual moments for to. If you want to return the favor and reward Marlen for the awesome hour of sensual ecstasy, then you can win over the heart of this goddess with a romantic bouquet full of red roses. With a sparkling glass of champagne in hand, the clever employees will also wow you with her sharp mind.

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Stutgart , 70173
Geographische Koordinaten: (-18.4719752, -70.2954662)
Die Ortsangabe zeigt lediglich die ungefähre Adresse an.